Your taste buds will take notice!

Eating, drinking, celebrating life. And enjoying culinary flights of fancy.

One glance at the cuisine at THE VIEW is enough. Connoisseurs are in exactly the right place.

It’s true: sometimes your eyes are bigger than your tummy. At THE VIEW, however, this is completely understandable. Not for nothing is there lots to look at, and above all lots to enjoy here at the FOOD MARKET. On a morning from 7.45 until 10 there are bread rolls, sausages and cheese, jams, muesli, yoghurt and fruit. Tea and coffee and juices for your daily vitamin needs. And eggs, fresh from the front cooking station. On an evening things continue in the same vein here from 6.30 to 8.30 pm: meat, fish and vegetarian culinary treats. Salads, pasta, soups and sweets. Everything made from the best, wherever possible, local ingredients. Still hungry? We didn’t think so.

Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul.

Best regional produce! All well and good. But could you be more precise?

Of course! To conjure up the countless local specialities that you put on your plate, our kitchen team uses local produce first and foremost. This is supplied to us by a variety of family-run enterprises in the Pinzgau region. The meat, for example, comes from the butcher in Maishofen. The milk and dairy products also come from the dairy there. Our baker brings us fresh bread every day. Every now and then, things get a bit more exotic in our kitchen – and then the products have a longer journey behind them. But we always try to buy the highest quality. That's a promise!

What does enjoyment actually mean? More than just culinary pleasures.

Excellently prepared dishes. An appetizing appearance, aroma, delicious smell, unforgettable taste. Is that enough for enjoyment? What about the atmosphere? The time? The leisurely feeling? We need all of our senses for enjoyment. That starts with the clinking of the finest wine glasses and doesn’t stop with the atmospheric candlelight. The right location makes a big contribution to enjoyment. Our PANORAMA RESTAURANT with its magnificent views, for example. With a view of the chefs in the show cooking place. Only something that feeds both the body and the soul is fit for enjoyment.

In the mood for a drink? At the VIEW BAR, we can satisfy every kind of thirst.

Wine lovers, beer drinkers, cocktail sippers, juice drinkers and water bubblers. When it comes to all things liquid, at THE VIEW BAR everyone is in the right place. Our barkeeper will be happy to serve you gin, of which we have over ten different kinds. Vodka, whiskey and rum are, of course, also on the menu. It goes without saying that you are welcome to try the right wine for your meal too. And isn't a skilfully mixed cocktail also part of that perfect holiday feeling? Enjoyed in our LIVING ROOM it will warm the very cockles of your soul.

Breathe in deeply. The scent of freedom
and adventure tickles your nostrils. Your bike
is ready to go. Saalbach's mountains and forests are waiting. Or perhaps you’d rather explore the surroundings on foot? Then discover them on a hike.
Afterwards put up your tired feet and let your mind roam free in the spa.
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